The Process

Architectural Process

The first stage of creating your new home begins with a Form 2 team member meeting you on-site to discuss initial vision, ideas & preferences.


This gives both parties the opportunity to detail lifestyle needs, budget expectations & we answer any questions or queries you may have.


We will then put together a fee proposal which will outline the structure & process of the design & construction phase, from a detailed preliminary specification, preliminary cost estimate through to a detailed final specification & quotation for the proposed project.


To establish accurate preliminary costs we would require Concept Plans, either by one of our own designers or one that comes recommended.

Concept Design

  • Meeting with our Form2 designer on site to discuss your brief and what you hope to achieve.
  • Site visit: inspect site and assess site conditions, constraints and basic site measure
  • Assess Council requirements.
  • Prepare existing and proposed concept floor plan.
  • Prepare detailed specification.
  • Summary of external consultants required and estimated costs involved.
  • Prepare cost estimate

The following is a list of benefits in working with Form2 through this process:


  • Budget management - we are able to report to you on the cost implications of your concept design without the expense of preparing completed architectural working drawings.
  • Through the Concept Design phase, we have the expertise to look at how to construct your project in the most economical way.
  • We have the knowledge to inform you on implications the engineering might have on your project and how to best handle this to minimise disruption to existing structures.
  • We can work with the design to inform you the best practical way to incorporate the heating and cooling you desire, and how to seamlessly integrate this into your project.
  • We can incorporate design elements to best handle plumbing services.
  • We can advise you on different finishes and their cost implications.
  • A detailed specification gives you the confidence that everything is covered in the quotation with no hidden surprises.

To establish an accurate quotation, the following reports would need to be obtained form our nominated consultants:

  • Geotechnical Soil Report
  • Land Surveyor
  • Engineering Computations & Drawings
  • Energy Rating Report





For an additional fee and piece of mind, upon site inspection it may be recommended to obtain a geotechnical soil report and preliminary engineering report so that we can accurately estimate the foundation & structural components of the construction at concept stage.


Design Development

Once you are happy with the Concept Design Stage, we will undertake the design development , this includes the following:

  • Develop the preliminary plan drawings into a final design solution with appropriate documentation to adequately communicate the design
  • Prepare external elevations, indicating all door and window sizes
  • Prepare a demolition plan of the existing dwelling
  • Review Rescode  requirements, prepare shadow diagrams of the proposed works and the impact it has on the neighbouring properties
  • Prepare preliminary selection of materials and finishes for external use
  • Client meetings (x2)

Town Planning Documentation Stage:

Our proposal does not allow for any Town Planning Documentation, however should  this be a requirement, we would provide a separate fee to undertake this work, or you could perhaps engage your own planning consultant

Working Drawings

Working Drawings: Prepare a full set of working drawings including site, floor plans, elevations and sections in full detail, all ready for submission to the relevant Building Surveyor for a Building Permit.

  • Appointment of consultants: Co-ordinate the design work undertaken by nominated consultants & issue to the relevant Building Surveyor.
  • Electrical Plan: Prepare working plan showing location and type of all lighting, power points, telecommunications data and television
  • Prepare joinery documentation for all wet areas and kitchen layout
  • Client meetings (x3)

Specialist Consultants

The specialist consultants required are the following:

  • Geotechnical Soil Report
  • Land Surveyor
  • Engineering Computations & Drawings
  • Energy Rating Report
  • Building Surveyor

Form2 Pty Ltd will enage all specialist consultants on your behalf.